Sunday, 14 June 2015

Better Moth-ing At Last

Sunday June 14

Countrywide, moth-ers have been complaining about the paucity of moth numbers, we are not alone. Those who have been trapping for years say that it's the worst year they can remember. We've had low numbers but a higher proportion of species than we expect. On Friday night, after a warm and humid day with rain later - we moved the trap to the outdoor table under the umbrella - we had the biggest number yet and a good number of new species for the year. A sole Alder Moth was a lifer and I only had a grotty photo of it in the egg box before it escaped. 

The warmer mornings mean much livelier moths. The resident Robins are looking well fed too. One tried to pinch one from the egg box in front of me on the table. Probably the same one as went into the Utility room this morning to help himself.

The most exciting was finding seven of the Flamingos of the moth world, Hawk-moths, of six different species. All in good fresh plumage.

Elephant Hawk-moth

Eyed Hawk-moth

Lime Hawk-moth

Pine Hawk-moth

Poplar  Hawk-moth

Privet Hawk-moth

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