Friday, 19 June 2015

Ebridge Patience

Friday June 19

Last Tuesday, friend Bob rang to say that the Grey Wagtails at Ebridge were feeding young. We'd been concerned that the high level of activity 
a) because of the publicity surrounding the Canal trust and
b) a central parking area directly overlooking the nest, 
would cause the birds to abandon the site. I kept seeing a single bird flying past with a beak full of food before disappearing into the reedbed and then, re-appearing under the bridge from downstream, before repeating the action. Gradually the cars drove off and the very active photographer left too. It was over half an hour before both birds flew in to perch on the old piece of metal pipe in the bottom of the lock. Not the most picturesque of perches. 

They were still very wary but the female eventually flew into the nest with her parcel of food. The male remained on the pipe, waiting his turn. 

The background is rather obtrusive but the birds are lovely. Not good light for photography down there in the shadow of the lock walls.  I didn't find it possible to get the depth of field necessary to have both birds in pin sharp focus and, to still the incessantly wagging tails at the same time.

There was a juvenile Siskin on our garden feeders, beautifully striped with lovely fresh plumage. They have previously bred in the area.

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