Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Another Early Start

Wednesday July 15

This time a Butterfly Conservation/ Moths combined day outing. We were early for the appointed 9.30 start, meeting at a roadside parking place at the entrance to rides. Traps set out last night by Sharon (warden/ranger?) were brought to the car park where our group had set up tables to hold them. Fourteen of those assembled were from 'our' group with a scattering of unknowns, some novices, three more knowledgeable.
Judy D who is the secretary of the Butterfly lot in Norfolk and a member of our group, introduced the day - with a warning about ticks and Lyme's disease.
It took two hours to empty the traps of some very desirable moths, in addition to the usual July species. Everyone had some new moths, we had ten. Satin Beauty  and V moth are Fenland specialities.
I took very few photographs, preferring to concentrate on the moths rather than joining in the polite jostling for photos at the end table.
 These two were well camouflaged on tree trunks, where they had settled after release. Try finding them under normal circumstances. 

Satin Beauty
V Moth
The Oak Eggar is beautiful

The afternoon was a walk looking for day flying moths and butterflies. After a pretty dismal morning weather-wise, I was not expecting much. We walked about a quarter of a mile along a ride to an open area. The group, clutching butterfly nets, scattered this large area....

 We saw more butterflies in the first section where it was sheltered and warmer. Essex Skipper and  Ringlet butterflies and, Cinnabar Moth were our only sightings.
Both these photographs are of Essex Skippers, small and active.

We were home by 2.55, after a coffee stop at the St George English Whisky distillery tea-room.

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