Thursday, 16 July 2015

More Moth-ing

Thursday July 16

A rather chaotic moth-ing session at Cley to-day. G wasn't there to take charge, there are always 'extra' people and we have to try and find some shade for the traps on an open terrace. 
We still managed two new ones in the Cley traps, Crescent Stripe and Least Carpet. Both photos taken by Pam. A dirty pot is not good.

Crescent Stripe

Least Carpet
and, two in the pots Tony brought in, Bordered Pug and Small Scallop. He comes via Morston public loos! The overnight lights make loos good moth-ing places.
We'd arranged to meet P at the Centre  for coffee at 11ish - if she was back from Yorkshire. We were still chatting to M and K at 11.15 when a hot and bothered P rushed up to say that Pete had phoned her to say that he was watching a  Six-barred Clearwing on Salthouse Little Eye.
Off we all went, hoping that a potted moth would be waiting in the car parking area. It wasn't, DO had taken it away. JG and  Pete were still on the Eye, no way could Pam make that shingle walk on her hip. I would have found it difficult too. 
K and M set off promising to bring one back if possible. John did. He'd got some pheromones from DH and they'd worked. Pheromones mimic a female moth's sex aroma and attract the males in. They soon discover that it's false when no females are present so one has to be quick to both see and pot one. Clearwings are very small too. 
Pam took this splendid photo of one through a plastic pot. 

Thanks to all concerned, Clearwings are seriously 'good' moths.

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