Thursday, 2 July 2015

Returned Favour

Wednesday July 1

In many ways, a walk too far - but worth it. 
Having spent Monday in Norwich, Tuesday cooking and to-day up at 7 to complete the cooking for our coffee morning here, B texting to say that to-night was Broom Rape night was daunting. Add the high temperatures and humidity = shattered me with aching knees and back. Pam had been unwell since Monday, we missed Tuesday's moth-ing session, much better to-day but still not up to her eating best !
It was still 24C at 6.30, when we met at the rendezvous point. Only six of us, as the plants are on private land. Uphill, across a rough grass slope and steeply uphill to a patch of gorse and bramble. We had been warned that the scarce Greater Broomrape plants were eaten by deer, many of them damaged. We managed to find a good selection at several growth stages.

In flower

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