Saturday, 31 October 2015

Mid-day Outing

Saturday October 31

We decided to take advantage of the lovely Autumn day and drive to Ludham Marshes. On the drive out to St Benets Abbey, we saw a few feral doves and a Carrion Crow.  Good start.
Parked looking over towards Thurne, I had a good scan before settling to the DT crossword. Almost immediately, Pam said 'Look' and a Short-eared Owl appeared from behind the hayrick, gliding to land on the grass about 100 metres away. I watched it for nearly ten minutes, whilst it preened vigorously - until a Magpie landed nearby. Mexican standoff ensued. The Magpie hopped  stealthily ever nearer, the Owl swivelling its head to watch every move. Near enough to peck the Owl's tail, the bird had a go but the Owl saw it off.
A few feather-shakes and re- adjustments  later, the Short-eared flew off towards the Abbey, disappearing over the raised river bank. With so many SE owls being reported flying in off the sea, this is what I'd hoped for.
One of these days, I'll manage some really sharp photos of flying Owls.

Pam's photo of it sitting down, taken through the windscreen using her Panasonic Bridge, is much better than any of mine when the bird was perched. 

A Pied Wagtail kept an eye on the proceedings.

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