Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Such a Dismal Day

Wednesday October 28

An excellent start to the day. Our doctor's receptionist rang to say that Pam's blood test was good, giving her the all clear to phone her consultant so that her hip operation can go ahead. Waiting to hear from the Spire now.
The Robinson trap held 4 macro  moths of  4 species this morning - after a cold, rainy night. Still no longed for December Moth. Feathered Thorn are always nice.

A morning of rain with louring clouds reminiscent of late November, did nothing to perpetuate  the earlier euphoric mood. Time for some birding. The rain stopped at mid-day, the gloom got worse if anything. We drove to Winterton via Happisburgh, Cart Gap, Sea Palling and Horsey. Our daily flight of Pink-footed Geese had greeted us as we left home, there was another very large flock up to their necks in lush vegetation at Horsey. We scrutinised a Buzzard sat atop  a telegraph pole for some time. No way was it a Rough-legged, unfortunately.
On the premise that any pic is better than none (probably not), here's one of the Common Buzzard  - in the gloom.

Nearing West Somerton, a flock of about 200 Lapwing rose from the plough, a flight of smaller birds leading the way. After a patient wait, watching the startlement of finches fly hither and thither, a few landed in nearer willows. Mostly Chaffinches, a few Goldfinches and at least two female Brambling.
On to Winterton Beach and a calm sea with one Red-throated Diver, several Cormorants and a Grey Seal.
Stopping in a gateway on the return journey, to try for the finch flock again, two large Swans flew towards us. Yes !! Two Whooper Swans, our first of the winter, called musically as they passed. Why wasn't my camera to hand........
We did manage to see nearly 30 species on out trip out, including a dozen Turnstones at Walcott. No sign of the returning Mediterranean Gull which Bob seems to see regularly. Must follow him next time.


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