Saturday, 30 January 2016


Saturday January 30

Seemed wrong not to try.
Driving to Yarmouth via Horsey and Somerton is definitely going the pretty way. It paid off to-day as we saw two Common Cranes distantly from the raptor lay-by. 

A few seconds later, after a quick re-positioning of the car to improve Pam's view, they were nowhere to be seen.
The wintering juvenile Glaucous Gull has been reported as being on the Waterways along North Drive in Yarmouth or, on Beaconsfield recreational area, which is inland from there. A cloud of gulls brought us to a rapid stop at the northern end of the Waterways. They were being fed . We saw a likely candidate fly away but were not 100% sure. We'll be back. After a visit to the beach behind the Sealife Centre to look for Mediterranean Gulls. 
Plenty here, resting on the beach as usual, along with Black-headed and a few Herring Gulls. Pam threw some bread out and.....they came too near for my lens and were wary of the weekend families and their dogs walking by. A little patience and a quiet period gave me some photographic opportunities. Cutting down 70 shots to those below was a headache.

Beaconsfield Rec was bare of gulls, despite a pager message to say that the Glaucous had flown over shortly before our arrival !  Typical.
Back to the Waterways and another flying, feeding frenzy. Not a good idea to come on a sunny Saturday. Except.......... we saw the juvenile Glaucous Gull fly away towards Beaconsfield. Yes, that was the bird we saw earlier. No chance of a photograph. 
Home via a recce for Mautby Church where Bridget will be buried next week in her family plot. Just as well we did so, not easy to find and nowhere to park.

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