Saturday, 13 February 2016


Friday February 12

Arriving in Cockley Cley at mid-day, as the sun appeared, seemed to be ideal. One of the birders present approached as soon as we stopped, probably expecting a question as to what they were watching. Two old girls with white hair! Stereoptype.
Smiling pleasantly, I asked if a Goshawk had been seen. Wrong answer, the one we all dread. Yes, about five minutes ago. 
As always, bad parking by the drivers of the four cars present - only to stand their scopes in the only empty space. Pam drove off to return and park rather awkwardly for scoping from the car. A neck-cricking position but, the best she could do under the circumstances. As reported, the thermals produced by the sun (we left home in brilliant sunshine only to find cloud and very wet roads in places as we drove west),  had encouraged a double figures of Buzzards to rise from cover. 
I had a view of a very white underside raptor, which was probably a Goshawk, before a lengthy scoping found a smaller bird swaying on top of a pine tree. Goshawk. I will admit that Sparrowhawk was my first thought but consulting the book clarified that the latter do not perch on top of trees ! Neither do they show the longer head and crucifix shape as they glide away - as this one did. 
No sight nor sound  of any Woodlarks which was disappointing, Lapwings, Starlings, Wood Pigeons galore, a singing Skylark  and a storm of Corvids from the neighbouring pig field the only other birds seen.  

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