Friday, 5 February 2016

Honing Long Lane

Thursday February 4

On the way home from Pam's final, and totally satisfactory, Consultant appointment re her right hip replacement. Unfortunately he wants to see her in a year's time as the left hip, replaced 12 years ago, may be in need of replacement. Good really, as she's in the system.

Half way along Honing Long Lane we saw a small group of Red Deer in a field on the right. Pam turned the car and tried to find a gap in the hedge. No luck until we got to a muddy lane where there WAS a sizeable gap. I managed  a couple of photos of the four young males before a lorry indicating right pulled in close behind us. Pam thought it needed to go down the lane so drove off. Nooooo.......... he wanted to look at the deer too. After turning again, we saw him drive off, the deer had gone.
Variable horn sizes


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