Monday, 4 April 2016

After the Plasterers

Monday April 4

A mid afternoon foray to Barton Broad Alder Carr and boardwalk. A day of showers, mostly light and infrequent for us.
A lone Chiffchaff snag in the woods. An unfamiliar call brought us to a halt, trying in vain to find the source. Pam located a pair of Bullfinches, was it a call of theirs? I still don't know as the calls continuede after they'd flown away.
Again, the viewing platform was occupied, quiet birders this time. Great, a large  flock of at least 100 hirundine sped low over the distant water, occasionally forming a cloud in the sky before descending to feed again. What a muddling kaleidoscope of eye - blurring confusion.  Despite trying very hard, we had to conclude that they were mainly Sand Martins, with a few Swallows amongst them, not a single House Martin to be found.
Three Common Terns and two Little Gulls joined the melee, swooping from a height to dip and feed. 
Why hadn't we noticed the two Grey Heron nests in a tree on the far shore before? Pam found one twig muddle, a lone bird standing on top. Through the scope I found another further back, attended by two more birds. The handsome,  pale male Marsh Harrier patrolled the reedbed, two Reed Buntings flitted a near tree and a Water Rail squealed from the tangle of undergrowth. Yesterday's warm sun has brought the pussy willow catkins out into their yellow tipped splendour.
Those grebes are still part displaying ....... will they ever nest.

Oh Sole Mio

Let's do it

Maybe not to-day

Have you got a headache

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