Sunday, 2 October 2016

It is The first

Saturday October 1


We're moth trapping most days at the moment. This morning's highlights were:

Red-green Carpet

Brown-spot Pinion

Merveill du Jour

Pink-barred Sallow

Satellite - the brown spotted sub species

Navy blue sky in parts, rain spattering the front north facing windows, as we set off mid afternoon. The Horsey run is  pretty barren in the summer, maybe it was time for a change.
South of Sea Palling, two Swallows raised our hopes - not for long. Pam drove all the byroads as far as Horsey Corner, where we saw a field full of Pinkfeet, about 300,  all heads up , we didn't linger in order not to spook them more.
The rain and  blustery wind should mean that all but the hardiest of dog walkers would give Winterton a miss, despite some sunny spells. The car park was closed, three cars filling the 'turning only' space. We scanned what we could see of the sea adding, Cormorant and Black-headed Gulls !! 
A partial rainbow starting on the sea attracted a lone photographer.
North of Somerton, there is a large and very rough field entrance/lay-by where we scan the surface water puddles for waders and the distant windmill and tree-line for raptors. No water at all, an undulating freshly ploughed field was barren. 
I called Marsh Harrier, we both saw two, making their idle and meandering flight above the trees.
Ready to leave, Pam scanned the eastern field and found two Common Cranes. They always make a trip worthwhile. Far too distant for photography..........

As we approached the geese flock area, we saw a stream of them flying in to join others already ensconced in a wheat stubble field. Not a clear view, we drove on to find the remaining birds in the original field. Not happily feeding, all their heads were raised again. Was it us? Or just time to join the others? The latter I think as,in groups of 40 or so,  they took off into the rising wind, flying towards the dunes before turning inland to join the rest of the flock. 

Not many species, the joy came from the winter flock of Pinkfeet with their soft, almost purring contact calls as they flew  - and the two Cranes.
We intend doing a full birding day to-morrow, Monday as the rest of the week is busy. Should be fewer people around too.

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