Sunday, 10 September 2017

Even Longer.....

Sunday September 10

School holidays and August are not a good combo for enticing Pam out birding. She's still as keen but the motivation plummets. We did manage a day out on the 1st for a change, curtailed by my leaving my Leki stick in the hide at Abbey Farm. This meant a detour which missed out the coast on the return journey - it was the first time I've left my belongings anywhere....Very annoying.
Lowest of low tides at Snettisham with the usual waders on display, scattered widely across the mud flats. Good to see a flock of returning Golden Plovers and two Greenshanks. Grey Plovers are one of my favourites, especially in their summer plumage, jet black pinafores.
A group of this year's Grey Partridges dashed across a field entrance near Abbey Farm.

We continue to moth trap almost daily, always catching interesting moths in ever diminishing numbers. We put out two traps one promising night at the beginning of the month. The actinic near the Buddleias at the bottom of the garden was full of Large Yellow Underwings, the egg boxes festooned with these large nuisances. A very valuable, sturdy  bird and bat food, but, they move around the boxes disturbing everything. We call them Blunders.

Frosted Orange

Maidens Blush

Dusky Thorn

I've also given a presentation at Blakeney Village Hall, entitled ''A Taste of Thailand'', to the North Norfolk group of the Butterfly and Moth Conservation group. Disastrous start. I only had 5 minutes to try and acquaint myself with their aged laptop before Judy started. I depend on the names of the photos showing at the top and forward arrows at the bottom. All other laptops I've used did so. Especially at the beginning, before nerves settle, not having to remember names is a comfort. I ploughed on, with advice from non - tech novice Judy and better from Greg - in stereo, of no use whatsoever. I'd sorted it by the interval. No-one seemed to mind much, bless them. It was good to see so many friends supporting us. 
I'd taken my own laptop as a back-up but it doesn't have the appropriate socket for attaching their projector. Ah well. I have since received an email - via Judy - from the couple who spoke to me at the interval, saying how much they'd enjoyed it. Much appreciated, praise is seldom received and always welcome.

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