Monday, 19 March 2012

Cantley Marshes

Monday March 19
Lovely day, why not try for the Glossy Ibis at Cantley Marshes. We left at lunch time and were home again by 2.30.
The car park is almost opposite Dot and Steve's home and then it's a short walk to view the marsh over a field gate. A man in the car park said he'd seen three  - there were 4 when we got there, the most we've seen at one time in the UK.
This an uncropped photo taken with my 400 lens.

They were distant but, excellent views through the scope. I did some digiscoping..........

Against the light, difficult to get any gloss or eye showing

Feeding avidly, obviously plenty of food. Will they do a Little Egret and breed?

Caught a bit of gloss on this one

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