Monday, 14 May 2012

Last Hurrah

May 12
At 05.52, as I finished dressing for a 6 a.m. breakfast, there was a knock on the door. Kathy to tell us that the dog Otter was in the tidal river. He wasn't viewable from our bedroom, we dashed round to the front of the kitchen area which overlooks the water.
Not easy to see at first as it was into the morning sun. He was having a lovely time, dashing about near a large rock. Silvery swirls of water gave his position away, first his tail and then his head, busy fishing. We had to leave him in order to eat and leave to catch the 8.30 ferry from Craignure. 
Otter sightings have been scarce this year, the tour leaders are having difficulty in finding any. On the ferry, we met one of the young men who'd been on the Lady Jane trip with us. He'd spent hours waiting and actively searching before he'd seen one. We were lucky, thank you Kathy.
He said he hadn't managed any decent photos of the Eagle, he was attempting to handhold a lens twice the size of mine.
Pam had decided to drive straight home to Norfolk, over 500 miles from Dervaig. We made sure that we stopped frequently, had no rain at all and were home before 8.30 p.m. I unpacked the car whilst Pam lit the fire, watched the last half of BGT, to-night's Casualty and retired to bed. 
Amazingly, Robbie, our ginger cat, did not join either of us but has made up for it since.
I am still working on my photographs, will be adding the first ones this afternoon but...... they may take days. Also hampered by being unable to access Google Blogspot via AOL, have had an error message for two days. I thought to try accessing via Chrome to-day. It worked !

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