Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Birdtrack Attempt

Tuesday September 25
We sea watched at Winterton from 1.11 - 2.25 p.m., trying to shelter behind a car park shed from the strong and blustery SWesterly. When the sun went in we needed coat, hat and gloves.
There was enough activity to keep us interested although not a great variety. We added Red-breasted Merganser, Black-throated Diver, Med Gulls, Razorbill and Kittiwakes to the  month list.
Best was seeing at least 30 Red-throated Divers, most of them in full - or almost - summer plumage. I tried some digiscoping towards the end and this is what I got lots of.......

A heaving sea
A sudden shower brought a spectacular and complete rainbow - couldn't get it all in. I had my little Canon in my pocket so had a go on the wrong setting. I'm ever so good at getting a wonky horizon with the Powershot. Must be something to do with my looking at the screen instead of a viewfinder. I am aware of it too but still got a sloping sea.

Rainbow at Winterton Beach
When I got home I tried to load my first BirdTrack report after hearing the talk at Club last night. As usual, anything new has problems for the beginner but I managed in the end.

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