Friday, 21 June 2013

A Rosy Lunchtime

Friday June 21

Well, it was nearly mid-day by the time we parked at Wells. Where was this bird? The instructions seemed to be straight-forward........until I tried to follow them. In the end, we did a classic ' two men with bins, they look as though they know where they're going' and follow them. It did cross Pam's mind that they might be going home for lunch.
They weren't. We joined a group of about ten lounging about watching a tree which was hung with feeders. Pat and Reston were there and Brenda joined us later.
Eventually, the handsome adult male summer Rose-coloured Starling appeared from somewhere in the thick canopy to feed on the fat balls in the best hidden container in the deepest shade. It was a very dull day anyway.........

Apart from a short visit to the bird bath, where it was partially hidden from me, there it stayed. This is the pattern of its behaviour, feed and then perch somewhere out of sight for 20 minutes or so. 

Only my second summer adult ever in Norfolk and the previous one was a very long time ago. Seventies or eighties?

Whilst I was waiting, couldn't resist the dabbling Egret closely watched by a  Herring Gull.

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