Thursday, 10 September 2015

Moths and Looking for a Bird

Thursday September 10.

Moth-ing at Cley brings several random visitors to the group. Two are becoming regular, joined by 4 occasionals this morning to bulk out the small core group present.
Tony brought in a Feathered Gothic which was new for us. We took a fresh Vestal (migrant having a good year) 

and one of the Cley traps included the much desired Great Brocade,  although it was a worn specimen. 

Greg has missed three good moths whilst away.
We tried hard to turn a strange Common Garden Carpet into a Galium carpet but the consensus was for the former. Pity.
The splendid Frosted Orange was in our trap yesterday morning, the one at Cley was less fresh.

Frosted Orange
 Now for the Red-backed Shrike and Redstart up a footpath behind the Dun Cow. The path was easily overlooked, narrow and overgrown between two houses. leading to a kissing gate where we'd been advised to turn left. There was a tractor in the field where we expected the shrike to be..... We were joined by Richard and two other birders, none of us could find the birds.
The hedgerows have a bountiful display of fruit this year. A heavily festooned Elder had jewel-like clusters gleaming deep purple in the sun.
Home via Roughton butchers and Sainsbury's to buy the necessary food for to-morrow night's supper with friends.


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