Sunday, 4 December 2016

Goose Bonanza

Sunday December 4

What a beautiful December day. Cloudless with very little wind but seasonable chilly. Where should we go? Buckenham Marshes is near enough and offers a good chance for some month birds.
I spent all the time we were there scoping from the car, gradually making our way from the railway crossing to the Fisherman's Car Park. All the geese were distant, fewer Wigeon that I anticipated as the norm, with a good sprinkling of Lapwing and corvids.
The end result was : 12 Taiga Bean Geese, a few Whitefronts, 100+ Canada Geese, a few Barnacles, 2 Egyptian Geese and Pink-feet. Pam spotted a Snipe which I eventually got after some good instructions - it was on the ground and distant. Two Marsh Harriers over Cantley, Shelduck, Teal, Shovellers and...... an adult winter Yellow-legged Gull  ..... on the main pool.
We missed the Taiga Beans in January as Pam was still on crutches after her hip operation. 

Home in time to suffer with Man United. I groaned when Fellaini got undressed towards the end of the match, he's a liability card-wise. Unfortunately, I was proved right. With almost his first kick he gave away a penalty. Another 1-1 draw and two points lost. Damn the man - and Jose for putting him on. Everton were pressing hard and I suppose JM thought that he'd bolster the defense. Wrong.

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