Sunday, 16 April 2017

Rough Summary!

Sunday April 16

In short....... 
We have now seen several Swallows, the first last Tuesday when we drove the north coast after moth-ing at Natural Surroundings. All the Ring Ouzels now passing through need walking e.g Gun Hill and Holme Dunes. We haven't seen any.  We keep driving Beach Road Cley and Salthouse before and after moth-ing, always seeing Wheatears. Last Thursday, there were four, one a male, at Salthouse, and another four at Cley. 

Despite freezing in the northerly blast from open car windows, no Whimbrel heard either.
A muddy Avocet at Brancaster Staithe, watchful eye skywards, asked for a photo.

 We've done rather better on the moth count. Despite cold moonlit nights, we have trapped a larger number and variety of moths than others in Norfolk - according to Facebook postings anyway.
The best for me was a White-pinion Spotted (what an odd name) on the night of Thursday April 13th., new for the garden and a tick for us.

Other goodies were:

Brindled Beauty

Oak Beauty

Iron Prominent

Scalloped Hook-tip
   Otherwise... potatoes and onion sets have been planted and liberal amounts of Ibuprofen gel administered to my knees and Pam's shoulders !

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