Saturday, 24 June 2017

Another Shorty

Friday June 23

Mid morning until tea-time excursion as far as Sculthorpe and,  back along the coast - purely for our own pleasure. 
Nik Borrow had posted a photo of a giant stinking flower in the cage at Natural Surroundings. I guessed that it was down the hill and stayed in the car whilst Pam went to see and photograph it. Am I growing sensible? One of the Grey Wagtails showed in the stream beside the road bridge.
Somewhere between Burnham Market and Holkham, Pam had her first Hobby of the year having missed the one I saw. North Creake produced Red Kite and Marsh Harrier. 
Where is Selbrigg pond? Ah yes, big enough to be a small lake, along Selbrigg road on the outskirts of Holt. We knew we wouldn't get close-ups, but, with patience we had identifiable views of a Lesser Emperor Dragonfly amongst a myriad Blue Damselflies.
I tried a few close-ups with my new camera - replacing the pocket one which came apart in Thailand. I'll post one or two here if I was successful, I'd forgotten until now.

Norfolk in Summer

 Full zoom from the car, the Bee and Hoverflies were not visible to me !


More good moth-ing. Two macros new for the garden on Thursday. 
Red-necked Footman - too flighty to take out of the pot as was the Dart

and Sand Dart - an Immigrant.

We've seen both elsewhere.

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