Sunday, 1 May 2011

Arthur's Funnies and Raptors

May 1
Yet another gloriously sunny and clear day. The pattern seems to be still first thing, windy most of the day, abating in the afternoon. To-day was less windy than yesterday but gusty enough, my face burns to-night.
Arthur picked us up at 9.40 in a comfortable Ford Tourneo. Pam and I sat in the front until lunch time and then in the back seat which was actually more comfortable. More leg room and less high to get in and out.Three other older couples made for a full van.
Calgary again, couldn't resist a photo this time.

Calgary beach
We had a thoroughly enjoyable day, the highlight being 5 White-tailed Eagles in the air at once, relatively close, at Loch na Kiel. A sixth came in and was probably on the nest. They were all adults, two pairs invading a territory causing the yips of rage from the owning pair. Fantastic, a lifetime experience I would think. We later saw another White T in the air at the same time as we were watching a Golden Eagle perched on a hilltop. An earlier Goldie was being harried by a Hen Harrier.
We also lucked on to a female Merlin crossing the water to the Isle of Ulva.
Arthur is very amusing, most informative and knowledgeable, I can recommend his tours to anyone. The choice from three biscuits at 11, the soup and sandwiches at lunch time and the cake for tea were all home made and very good too.
We again enjoyed our evening meal parked overlooking the loch. Beautiful. We are very tired to-night though. Off to Phionphort in the morning.

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