Thursday, 5 May 2011

A Rainy Day

Thursday May 5
What to do on a rainy day in Mull? Not alot. It started off dry in Fioinnphort but it soon became a drizzle with high clouds. This was the pattern for most of the day until late afternoon when the rain became serious.
A single Golden Plover flew in to Loch Beg marsh as we drove to Loch Buie, which is 8 miles off the main road to Craignure. Not even any Wheatears around to-day. Arriving at the sea, a single first summer Great Northern Diver loitered inshore.

Craignure Spar for bananas - and other sundries (!), a scan of the Mull Sound from Fishnish and on to Loch na Kiel W T Eagle nesting area. It kept us waiting an hour whilst we ate lunch, before flying in from across the loch behind us.
Home via Grass Point and another two W T Eagles, one sitting in a tree and the other flying in. Mull's oldest breeding pair can't be nesting this year. We reckon we've seen eleven different White-tailed this week. Excellent.
Supper in our favourite spot at Fidden before returning to the warmth of our room.
John met us, he'd oiled the squeaky bathroom door which wakes me when Pam goes to the loo in the night and, fixed the soap dispenser. He also confessed to Lainie - the 10 month old pup-running off with Pam's flip flop which was slightly chewed. She'd done that once this morning before we left, obviously fancied it. Pam thought it was really funny as she makes a big fuss of both dogs, Lainie and her mother Megan, who visit us regularly. I think Pam leaves the door open on purpose !

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