Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Chinese Royalty

Tuesday February 21
Yesterday, the  photo of the Two-barred Crossbill at Lyndford appeared on BirdGuides as promised - looks good to me.
Pakistan were batting first in the 4th ODI , time to have an outing,  the annual walk through the woods to Felbrigg Lake - we use the back path to the lake, part of Weaver's Way. The path was almost totally dry, it can be very boggy and wet in parts, necessitating several detours into the woods. Coal, Blue, Great and Long-tailed Tits as expected, no calling Nuthatches to-day. A pair of Treecreepers chased from tree to tree, delightful birds.
The footpath through the wooded side of the lake had a big 'Closed' sign on it... we carried on regardless, most unlike Pam. We guess that the path was closed to through walkers, there was the sound of heavy machinery from that corner.
The usual search through the fringe thicket of branches and tree roots, changing position. I saw a female perched 6 feet off the ground and then Pam, from a different angle, spied the splendid drake Mandarin Duck amongst the roots.
Time to try the Powershot to the scope lens........

Now I could relax and take some general photographs.

Across the lake, Felbrigg Hall in the distance.

There were 29 swans viewable, 28 of them Mutes, the most we've ever seen here, one of them a distant Whooper. Digiscoping time.... Siskin called nearby.

 It's an old wood with many aged trees and fallen logs, rich ground for fungi.

Bracket Fungus sp

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