Sunday, 22 July 2012

Good Moth Trap Session

Sunday July 22
At last, a forecast dry night. We had a good selection of moths, none unusual but several beautiful. Hawkmoths are always breath-taking. The Poplar Hawk has legs like Velcro, they're difficult to get out of the egg box and often cling to one's fingers.
I always try to photograph them in the egg boxes first, in case they escape before I can pot them. It doesn't make for an ideal background but putting them on foliage often means, Bye Bye moth.
I'll name them sometime.....we're off to Panama on Tuesday morning and I may be busy to-morrow.

Oh oh.....will not upload pics, will have to try on my laptop to-morrow - I oftern have this problem on AOL. I wonder if Google Chrome will work.

Elephant Hawkmoth

Very small, 2 cms wing span. Un-named

Buff Arches

Poplar Hawkmoth

Peach Blossom

Large Emerald

Spectacled Moth

Peppered Moth

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  1. Hi. Your unnamed moth is a Green Pug, and the one labelled Spectacled Moth is an Iron Prominent.
    All the best, James