Monday, 16 July 2012

Rain - All Day

Monday July 16
So fed up with being unable to put the moth trap out because of the incessant rain - or threat of it - I set it up in the greenhouse with the door open last night. We only trapped 6 macro moths, all different species. Don't know whether this was due to the weather conditions or the placement.  Here are photos of four of them, all common garden species at this time of year.
Buff Ermine

Burnished Brass, top and side views

The aptly named Silver Y

The Silver Y quickly became very frisky, fluttering its wings and flying round the kitchen - until I re-tubed it. Good exercise.
It was too wet to photograph outdoors on natural foliage, I had to use a piece of driftwood indoors - except for the Silver Y which kept  doing its own thing despite a couple of hours in the fridge (accepted practice for the active moths). Didn't do much for this one,.

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