Monday, 25 March 2013

Hibernation Interval

Sunday March 24

Bob phoned this morning with news of  3 Red Kites in the Hanworth area... so we went to Waxham.
South of Sea Palling, before the Waxham Shangri-la corner, a tractor was ploughing in a field west of the road. Gulls were flying in to a meadow to hunker down from the wind. They landed and folded on impact, making themselves as small as possible. The wind was strong and, a bitterly cold easterly, starting out as a northerly over Scandinavia. Pam turned at the corner so that we could park on the grass verge and I could scope the groups of gulls from the car. There were two juvenile Glaucous Gulls amongst the Black-backs, Common and Black-headed. Dirty, speckled creamy-white with a black tip to the beak.
Time to look at Hanworth. At Gunton, Pam stopped to check the map for the exact area......I set the SatNav........0.5 miles along the road !! We laughed. No sign of any Kites nor anything at Gunton either. We'd hoped that the Grey Wags would be back and showing. Oh for a day's birding, the weather's due to improve by Thursday.

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