Monday, 18 March 2013

What Have I Been Doing?

Monday March 18th

To answer my own question....not much birding. Time has been occupied by a malfunctioning printer. several attempts to get the Spring Club newsletter master copy printed culminating in ordering a new printer and eventually  taking a copy on a memory stick to DP in Yarmouth as the new printer would not arrive in time. I now know about converting documents to PDF and more than I wanted to know about nozzle cleaning and re-setting.
On the way back from Yarmouth last Wednesday, we took the Winterton Horsey route. Pulling in to THE layby, I spotted two Cranes flying away over the trees towards Horsey Mere. Little else of note - the sea at Winterton was deserted.
After an hour and a half in the dentist's chair on Saturday, I felt it was prudent to avoid the cold wind to-day - it was only  4C at Cley. We called in at Felbrigg en route, and found a place where we could view the large tree dotted pasture. Many cars parked to-day. Why?
Peripheral vision caught a glimpse of a bird landing in an old oak. After a few minutes two small shapes showed in a V, incurring a discussion as to what the partially hidden silhouettes could be. A definitive ending. One Little Owl dropped - as they do - before flying directly to another tree. The other followed but in another direction. At last, our first of the year.
Salthouse had the usual flock of scavenging Turnstones but attempts to ID a blob on the fence towards Gramborough Hill were thwarted by a pedestrian . Probably a Stonechat.
We did a tour of the sewage works, ford, Salthouse Heath and down to Kelling village - having missed the Dogwalkers car park which was our aim. Our first ever visit to the cafe/gallery opposite the school is probably the last. Very odd. Hundreds of books for sale lined the walls, a magnet for me , until I looked at the price. Half price on marked price.... £2.50 for an ancient yellowing pulp paperback? No thank you.
A choice from about eleven large cakes. How fresh were they? Pam enjoyed her fruit cake though.
This time we found the heath car park, where we picked up a Green Woodpecker. No sign of any WoodLarks, we didn't walk as far as the Dartford Warbler area.
Not over fruitful but lovely to be out birding again. 

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