Saturday, 5 April 2014

Not Birding..But

Friday April 4th
A long term arrangement to visit Pottertons, the Alpine Nursery In Lincolnshire, with Mags and John was very successful despite foggy weather most of the day. 
I bought several plants I'd been wanting - and not finding - such as dwarf Daphnes and Chinese Peonies. One of the tiny Daphnes is a scented variety. The nursery area is beautifully kept as are the 7 acre grounds. Five acres of the latter were acquired in !978 and are now a show area for alpines, containing a small lake, several rockeries and mature trees. We ticked Chiffchaff, Blackcap, Nuthatch, Jay and Kestrel.
Most of their business is mail order and shows, we had the place to ourselves. We should have taken coffee and a snack, fortunately Mags had. 
We intended doing some birding on the way home but didn't,  it was getting a bit late and we were tired after a 7 a.m. start

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