Friday, 12 September 2014

Another Early Morning

Thursday September 11

Cley Centre moth trap opening morning. At 9.00, very few people had arrived and only 2 traps had been delivered - on top of the mound where there are cafe picnic tables. Every week is a surprise. The 'usual' bottom car park was being used by contractor's cars - they had excavated the area in front of the old Centre in order to place a sewage tank for the new toilet block. Greg appeared and disappeared, returning after 10 minutes looking a bit miffed. Bernard had forgotten to put the trap out last night. At least he came over to apologise although his demeanour was defensive, an antithesis of  the words spoken.
Eventually, a rather leisurely session with enough moths to keep us amused with a couple of goodies. Gold Spot - a Macro - and Schoenobius gigantella - a Micro.

The Micro was discussed over a drink in the cafe so I didn't have the opportunity to photograph it.
Via Kelling to have a futile look for the Eastern Bonelli's Warbler - it was reported last night but everyone seemed rather sceptical - we drove to Cromer. Unsurprisingly, nowhere to park along the front so it had to be the main car park. We walked to the pier area, viewing from the esplanade in front of the Hotel de Paris. The few gulls present were rather distant and the walk down to the lower esplanade was vertiginously daunting. Down - fine, BUT back up? No way. Especially with a hospital visit for ultrasound injections in both shoulders for Pam later on to-day. My knees aren't good to-day either - great yesterday. 
We managed to identify a Yellow-legged Gull and a probable Caspian but the latter was a bit stringy. Another visit required.......investigating a different approach road.
Friday September 12
A good moth catch last night in the Robinson MV.  50+ of at least 22 species excluding Micros. Our first Snouts of the year, although we've had several elsewhere, and our first Flame this year. Will try and take a better pic later as we have it tubed in the fridge.

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