Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Not Just Moths

Wednesday September 17th

Happy Birthday grandson Harry, who is 16 to-day. I got through to him whilst he was at his birthday meal in an Italian restaurant, awaiting his calzone. 
Home from an early dental appointment, time to empty the moth trap. Over 100 in number - we counted 125 but some always fly away - of 30 species. Nothing new for the year nor the garden, but an always spectacular, both in size and looks - Red Underwing and two Oak Hook-tips were the most attractive. Yellow Underwings galore, Setaceous Hebrew Characters and 30 Lunar Underwings made up the majority, normal for Autumn
The trap attracts other wildlife too. Yesterday at Natural Surroundings, a toad had found its way in plus our first Lilac Beetle.

The beetle is lilac and blue on its underside, difficult to photograph well through a mucky pot whilst it's paddling its legs like mad - a natural reaction to being on its back !

To-day, we had a huge 5cm long beetle which we are yet to identify, 

Large Diving Beetle - another one at Cley on Thursday

dozens of Shield Bugs, a few spiders and a Hornet. 

The Hornet is 4cms in length, a fearsome looking beast. The last three have been dead in the bottom of the trap, to-day's wasn't, its wings frantically quivering, warming up to take flight.

A Scorpion Fly escaped to rest on the back of my hand. This is the female which does not have the male's scorpion-like up-pointing tail.

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