Friday, 12 October 2012

Amphibian Vehicle Wanted

Friday October 12
It was dry when we set off from Annan, then mist which became increasingly heavy and sustained rain. I've known much worse, this was accumalative. Misty mountainsides and roadside banks cascaded with  white-foam rivulets hurtling downwards. Many roadside meadows were lochans, the River Spey had spread across the valley, tops of bushes showing the original water course meandering. Awesome.
Despite several road works involving convoys and lengthy delays, we reached Aviemore at mid-day. The village was incredibly crowded, we didn't expect that at this time of year on a Friday. We quickly filled a parking space in Tesco, waiting whilst someone moved out, walked to the chemist for some more Night Nurse for Pam - and earplugs for me! We then bought some lined waterproof trousers ( seemed an essential) and lunched at Roo's Leap. 
Lyndsay greeted us at the Fairwinds Hotel, where we usually stay in a chalet in May, and showed us to our comfortable room. Hurrah, my laptop accesses the internet fine here. What happened last night? I caught up with my farm, had a shower and dressed for dinner. We'd ordered Carrot Soup, Venison in a pepper sauce, followed by ice-cream and chocolate fudge sauce. The other starters and mains were fish based. All very good. Lucy the Maltese Terrier came to see us plus Lily, also a Maltese  who belongs to friends who are on holiday.
No football to watch to-night, Scottish TV is restrictive. England beat San Marino 5-0 and Wales beat Scotland 2-1, the second an absolute screamer by Bale.
Time for bed after watching devastating flood scenes on Scotland's east coast somewhere........

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