Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Long Time No Write

Wednesday February 13

Due to the weather and inclination, we've done realtively little birding apart from our garden. Pam added a Treecreeper to the garden list, spotting it on the Youngii birch from the upstairs bathroom window. She called down but it had gone.
We drove to Salthouse one afternoon for 3 Snow Buntings and Jeremy's excellent hot chocolate (his van) in the beach car park. We also picked up the Bewicks and Whoopers in Catfield for the month.
This morning, we drove to Bland Road in Norwich which overlooks some river marshes opposite the Spire Hospital. Immediately we could see an egret, a hunched, looking as miserable as only the heron family can, which was a Little. 

We walked on past the horses for a better scope view of ......Black-headed Gulls on a large area of frozen water. No sign of a big white blob. What a dismal day, poor light, low grey overcast, cold 2C max and, poor visibility.
Disappointed,  we walked a short way back when Pam spotted a promising looking shape in the far distance, I was putting my scope legs away. Legs out again and the yellow beak was clearly visible, the bird was about half a mile away. I still tried to digiscope with pretty poor results but they're the only ones I've got. Camera + long lens would not have succeeded in getting anything. A true 'record shot'.

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