Monday, 4 November 2013

A Bit of Birding

Monday November 4
A lovely breezy morning, time for some sea watching. A flock of Pinkfeet on the Somerton Straight, a dozen Skylarks in a ploughed field.
Winterton was back to winter normal now that half term is over. The coast guard money donation buckets were out, the car park open whilst they're on duty.
We tried from the turning area first, then moved into the car park in order to better view the white-crested choppy sea. A steady passage of Gannets, way out, an equally distant Red-throated Diver and, at last, two Common Scoter playing hide and seek in the waves. Several sky watching Seals had us going for a while.
Time to pay our first ever visit to Caister Beach car park, I had to look it up on the map first. No Starlings in view at first ten a small group flew in to squabble amongst the warm chimney pots. Constant changes in position, groups leaving and arriving, us trying to see as many as possible. After half an hour, we were beginning to lose heart, especially when a flock of almost a hundred appeared from somewhere, adorned the roof tops, flew off again, etc etc.
A last scan of  nearby roof tops before leaving and Pam located the grotty juvenile Rosy Starling preening on steeply pitched slates, just viewable between the eaves. It's pink rump showed as it preened and then it's pink tinged front. Success.
We added our first winter flock of Golden Plover on the way home.

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