Sunday, 21 June 2015

An Orchid Twitch - Hush Hush

Sunday June 21

We're having a hectic week.
Armed with three photographs of the area plus Emailed directions, generously provided by friend D, we set off into the unknown. The instructions were spot-on, we were soon parked in a lay-by and climbing through a rough scrubby area into one of clearings and scattered trees. All lovely to look at, even if humid again.
Meeting another very pleasant man made the hunt even easier, as he'd just left the site and volunteered to show us there.
Waw, a Lizard Orchid, just the one - and the only one in Norfolk. It had been seen last year but it didn't flower. This year it has. The spike is about two feet tall, we seem to have caught it at its best.

It's being kept very quiet as the landowner is rumoured to be selling the land for development. If word got out to him, there is a danger  that the plant might be destroyed in order to ensure that planning permission is obtained. All hearsay and rumour.

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