Sunday, 5 June 2016

More Fog

Saturday June 4

It's getting ridiculous. Moth-ing leaves us with long weekends only to do a day's birding. This week, we had to be in for the stonemason on Monday and out to lunch with A on Friday. Next week has four days moth-ing already booked. We'll probably do some birding after moths at Holme on Weds and after moth at Foxley Woods on Saturday. Not sure about Moth Night at Natural Surroundings on the Sunday yet. It is enjoyable if time consuming.
Saturday was forecast to be dry and sunny. The fog waited until mid afternoon when the sun broke through for us. That, plus the lowest of low tides at Snettisham, finishing at 4.30 after a 10 a.m start (moths) did not make for a big June list.
I love Brown Hares, we saw many to-day, all too far away to photograph. I couldn't resist this well hidden chap.

The highlights were two Grey Wagtails very actively food collecting at Sculthorpe Mill. The eggs must have hatched.

The first Yellow Horned Poppies at Snettisham

An orchid we haven't yet identified at Holme and 

A Red Kite in the Gun Hill area was a through the car sunroof sighting.

Our first Green Woodpecker sighting of the year was of a youngster on the lawn across the road. We have heard them in the area and often have young on our lawn, not this year yet

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