Thursday, 9 June 2016

Mothing at Holme

Wednesday June 8

Last Wednesday's cancelled meet due to bad weather, re-arranged for to-day at Holme NOA. Sophie wasn't there, Steve was warden for the day. Inland was warm and sunshine, the coast under a thick layer of haar. JG had to borrow an extra layer from M. 
Two traps to be opened , a Robinson and one permanent home-made one near the obs which I christened a Heath Robinson. 
A very enjoyable morning, eight regulars with the addition of DH and partner - invited by JG. - and some very nice moths.
Our first Cinnabar of the year.

Two Small Elephant Hawk-moths - we don't get these at home.

 The following were all new for us.

Sand Dart

Grass Rivulet -John G's photo

Small Waved Umber

It escaped the eggbox before anyone could see it. It was seen flying pretty high onto a trunk and Pam found it, using her binoculars. This photo is greatly cropped from a bridge camera zoomed lens.

 Sharp-angled Peacock

 Yellow Belle - this a beautiful day flyer found in the grass at the Obs by DN. It flew into a tree, I held a branch back so everyone could photograph it. When it was my turn, I had my camera poised when 'helpful' and very contrite MH moved another branch and it flew away. Pam has a photo which I will post later.
Several new micros too, I should be getting a list from Andrew. 
After refreshments, we met the P's in the car park who, like us were off to find the Man Orchid clump in the dunes to the west of the NNT Centre.
Two Orchids in partial bloom, photography not helped by the rusty metal frame protecting the clump. This is the better of the two spikes. 

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