Thursday, 23 June 2016

Mothing at Strumpshaw

Wednesday June 22

David N has taken over the task of organising Moth group field trips this year. We missed the first outing to Strumpshaw RSPB as we were in Scotland. To-day's started late for us as I had a dental appointment in Stalham at 9.00, we missed the first half an hour. Anything 'good' would have been kept for us, a possible Gold Swift was the only candidate - and it wasn't one.
The Strumpshaw warden is a moth trapper, Ben ?, this session was especially for us, there are other organised sessions which have an entry fee. He put a collection box out to-day.
It was a good catch but with nothing untoward for us. 
Later the plan was to try and lure some Red-tipped Clearwings, day flying moths,  using pheromones, which David had ready. Pam and I hadn't quite reached the area of bramble on the left after the trail to Fen Hide, too busy looking at insects, when David called to say he'd found one. No pheromones needed. Lovely little things and a scarcity. These photos were taken with my Canon bridge camera.

The return journey was even slower as we kept finding things. Bees, Beetles, Spiders, a Common Lizard

a Large Skipper

and a small mouse which Pam managed to photograph, I didn't.
A strange call from above, alerted Pam, Andy and I  to a displaying Marsh Harrier. It sounded like a Lapwing chick. He circled, dipped and mini dived for ages, uttering this wimpy cry all the while. We met Ben in the car park who then told us that the bird had been displaying, to no avail, for the last five weeks. Either a young bird or one who'd arrived late at the reserve. One female had taken an interest but he'd chased it off. Idiot.
Andy D departed, we ate lunch whilst watching a Norfolk Chaser dragonfly patrolling the overflow car park. Lucky we did. Andy screeched back in - a Micro moth he and Steve had long wanted to see had been netted by Steve and brought back to the Centre.
It was a little beauty. A strathmopoda pedella whch we all photographed in the pot. 

What a lovely day and a very successful one too. We have another session booked for the end of July. Holme next Wednesday.
There were still a few past their best Bee Orchid spikes in the Centre area, no sun for the Swallowtails we were hoping for.


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