Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Local Birds

Wednesday January 25
It's a week since we've been able to hang the bird feeders again - all clear by the ratman. Gradually, the birds have returned so that we're reasonable busy - ready for the RSPB Garden Bird count this coming weekend. We shall watch R and B's garden too, as usual.
Out of the 6 regular male Blackbirds feeding, at least two have dark beaks, meaning that they are northern birds escaping south for the winter. I'd always thought that they were first winter males until I read a recent article.
Long-tailed Tits are regular again, I wonder how many little flocks come through each day. Again I'd always assumed that they were 'ours', until Jed, of the NOA, told me that ringing had proved that there were several groups each day.
The local Rough-leg has now been reported twice on the pager, others must be seeing it. We must go and check the roosting site , to see if it's still being used.

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