Saturday, 14 April 2012

Dune Yomp

Saturday April 14
Decision made......and it was as bad as I'd expected. Uneven paths, rough marram tufts, bramble trippers and sand. What a combination. I'm not having a good walking day and my knees were not happy until I got back to the car.
However, we did see the Hoopoe, distantly on the ground and in flight. We'd have had closer views if we'd walked further to the very end of the camping ground.
I scoured the 80+ flighty flock of Linnets for the Serin reported early to-day to no avail. No-one else saw it either.
The return walk had the cold wind behind us, much better.
We couldn't find the P and D machine on arrival, only the charges board. It was vandalised last week and payment is now to the jovial man who runs the mobile cafe unit. His hot chocolate was welcome, the sausage/bacon bap being devoured by other birders wasn't even tempting. Am I mad?
The approach track to the Horsey car park has been graded, making it a very acceptable driving surface. I suppose they had to when they charge a £1 an hour or £4 per day for parking.

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