Wednesday, 18 April 2012

When April Showers...

Tuesday April 17
Towards the end of a day of sunshine and unheralded torrential showers, Pam collected our car from the garage in Mundesley - service - and we drove to Barton Broad.
A Blackcap was singing in the car park, a Willow Warbler along the trail (same one as last time?) and dozens of Common Terns fished the Broad, several hump-backed, long-tail-streamered Arctic Terns amongst them. So elegant.
Our first hirundine, a few Swallows and 30+ Sand Martins, swept the skies, swooped low over the water and many then flew away. Very late for our first sighting, we've missed them at the coast. I hear that House Martins are nest building in west Norfolk. 'Ours' are usually amongst the latest to return, end of this month is the norm. Only one brood last year when it was so dry that they couldn't find the mud to build a nest. We puddled some mud for them but it was ignored. Hope they make it this year.

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