Thursday, 21 June 2012

Another Pot Hunt

Thursday June 21
I'm still looking for a lightweight trough in which to plant alpines that need winter protection - and carrying onto the greenhouse. The only suitable maker has gone into liquidation. Mags, bless her has been working hard for me, doing her own research and asking contacts at Club etc. The latest idea was EmCy, inland from Kelling. Near Cley too......
The place is an enormous hangar crammed with all things gardening but, few plants. We know it from hunting Ring Ouzels in nearby fields. Many plastic pots from which to choose, I chose one which I will try and disguise with hypertufa. Another is suitable for the Lewisii which Pam grew and will also need wintering indoors
We tried hard for Nightingale on the Heath and anything new at Cley , unsuccessfully. Next visit will be to look for Bee Orchids at Kelling Meadows, Pam didn't fancy it to-day.

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