Thursday, 21 June 2012

Birding at Last

Wednesday June 20
What a pleasure to be out birding again - on a fine sunny day too. June is not an ideal month to add to a year list, yet, we managed two to-day. Spotted Flycatcher and Turtle Dove. Two weeks in Scotland,  a week in Wales and torrential rain means that much of spring has passed and egular bird sightings missed. We still haven't caught up with Nightingale, Grasshopper Warbler, Nightjar and Honey Buzzard. We could still manage a couple if we make the effort.......
The Mill came up trumps for the Flycatchers to-day, where were they last time? Whilst I was viewing a pair hunting and then, feeding young in the usual creeping vine on the shed, Pam found another pair at the far side of the Mill. Offspring?
One of the Abbey Farm Little Owls was sitting on a low branch in its oak nesting tree, viewable from the lane gateway but not from the hide. It later moved and was viewable in the 'window' below the nestbox. Red Kite is often posted in the hide record book, it hunted across the far poppy field for us to-day, its red tail gleaming as it manoeuvred into position before dropping on its prey.

Don't look for the's not there! Very misty early morning.
The Kingfisher brood must have fledged - or there was failed breeding again. Plenty of water after the recent deluge so it can't be that. I was hoping for a Turtle Dove here, an unexpected Green Woodpecker was a bit of a sop.
We were happy sitting and scanning until a stockman appeared in the field, even the Greylag and their large families disappeared. It was good to see him checking the calves, slapping the cows affectionately on the rump and.....cuddling the massive bull.

Moorhen outside the hide - couldn't resist the red eye.

Holme was notable for our first Turtle Dove, perched on a wire near the houses on the approach road. Pam inched the car forward until I was able to take a few shots from my window.

We then saw another in the part of Holme Village that straggles along the main coast road.
Titchwell reedbeds looked lovely, rippling pale gold and wheaten in the sun and slight breeze. A good sized group of Black-tailed Godwits scattered on the Freshmarsh, 30+ Gadwall (I'm not a keen counter), several Pochard and a single Great Crested Grebe.
And..........another Spot Fly in the car park !
An ominous bank of cloud approaching from the west saw us beat a retreat although it was not evident the further east we drove. Another Red Kite loafed lazily across the road as we drove through Burnham.
A thoroughly enjoyable day, bringing our Norfolk month list up to almost 90+ - so far. 

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