Monday, 18 June 2012

Spending Money

Friday June 8/Saturday June 9
What to do in the rain? 
Visit Inigo Jones.....
To my surprise, Pam only wanted to visit the shop, not the works tour. That suited me fine. They had some lovely welsh slate goods, we got a new clock for the living room wall and some bits of slate for my new alpine trough.
I wasn't feeling brilliant by the afternoon, we returned to pack and return the cottage to its found state (nearly) and just sit watching the rain. I ate nothing from then until our arrival home at mid-day on Saturday after a very good journey. And then, nothing more until Sunday afternoon when I tried some dry toast. Not a good idea.
At least I waited until I was home before the full effects of enteritis took hold. I've never been susceptible to stomach ailments and certainly not in this country. My only previous problem was returning from Peru in 2011 suffering from Campylobacter. Maybe this was a hark back to that. Pam, who is susceptible, had nothing..........thank goodness.
It did put a kybosh on our birding activities for a whole week.

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