Monday, 27 May 2013

A Quickie

Sunday May 27

Duncan (Wildsounds ) had left a Birds of Colombia book for me  at Cley Centre. He would have posted it on Tuesday, I was  eager to see it.
Pam still didn't feel like any exertion so I suggested that we stop at  Salthouse Duckpond to have a look.....It had to be the very far end, a queue buying ice-cream on a lovely hot and sunny day occupied most of the space.
Viewing a pair of Turtle Doves from my window, I got out - perilously, I had to shuffle sideways to avoid the water's edge - to get my scope from the boot.
I digiscoped the Turtle Doves, which were on the pasture beyond the pond.

I then scanned the marsh as far as I could see and found a sleeping Ruddy Shelduck,  very distantly. What a good shopping trip.

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