Friday, 10 May 2013

Last Day on Mull

Friday May 10

What did we do to-day? Spent 3 hours on an open boat - the Lady Jayne - in heavy rain and a squally wind. My coat, trousers, hat, gloves and underwear were sodden and I was cold to the bone.  I LOVED IT.
For this........

He came in for a fish 5 times, hungry after two days rain. Martin liaises with the RSPB as to how many fish he feeds daily. The last time he appeared we were virtually back at Ulva Ferry.
Maybe next year it will be dry and sunny! I'm amazed my camera managed anything near good focus, I was very anxious in case it got wet which is disastrous for digital cameras - and very expensive for the owner.
When, with assistance from the men, we all managed to get off the boat, it was low tide and a very big step up to the jetty, we got back to Dervaig as fast as possible to change our clothes. Kathy dried our drenched coats and the rest went on the bathroom towel rail. I haven't been that wet for years.
Back to the jetty... all but two men needed assistance, Pam was hauled up as was another woman, one short man was saved from falling back into the boat.Me? I side stepped along the gunwales, leant forward to hold the rails on the stone steps below and swung onto the 5th step up, very successful and applauded.
The 10 mile drive to Tobermory for a hot meal along a winding, climbing steeply curving round was worth the effort. 
Martin the boatman, is great as was Christine his new young assistant.

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