Sunday, 5 May 2013

I Should have Finished the Ark

Sunday May 5

We breakfasted watching the sun sparkle on the Sound of Mull. Half an hour later, it had clouded over and we had virtually non stop rain for the rest of the day. I'm usually pretty philosophical about matters but I'm getting fed up with the conditions. On an island like Mull, there is no escape, even the far flung coffee shops were closed to-day.
I managed to scope the female White-tailed Eagle on her nest with a dead and partially eaten lamb draped across the rim before the rain became really hard. Breakfast in bed. It looked as though she was feeding at least one chick. 
The rest of the day was occupied moving from place to place, scanning for birds, reading, doing word games and crosswords. The pick of the bunch was a Tystie (Black Guillemot) near a fish farm on Loch Scridain. We also explored the Knockan Road from the other end after finding it wasn't a dead end. The Dunlin population at Fidden had increased from 1 to 50.
I photographed a few beasties in the rain but only my face and arm got wet !

Grey Heron at Bunessan river (stream) mouth

A soggy Meadow Pipit - the commonest passerine 
Mountain Lamb

Twins. The lambs were huddled against any shelter they could find.

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