Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Tuesday May 14

News of a Savi's Warbler at Hickling NWT (thank you James), and waking to sunshine, sent us off birding. 
The bird was reported to be between Whiteslea Lodge and Tower Hide. What a surprise to find the footpath along the flood bank from the Lodge, closed. The diversion was along a rough pasture/tussock path on the landward side of the bank. Where exactly was the bird situated......no birders in sight and the only song that of Sedge and Reed Warblers, Reed Bunting, a distant Cuckoo and screaming Swifts overhead. We found the narrow one plank bridge which led back to Tower Hide and tried that. No luck, nor on the path back. No-one else had heard/seen the Savi's either. But, we did see a Crane fly in to the distant field. I didn't see it again as there's a new bank protecting the area from birders using the track. I know that a pair of Cranes has nested here for several years and protection has been put in place.
Back to the Centre where we parked the car and walked to Cadbury Pool, enjoying singing Whitethroats on the way. After Scotland we are behind with spring migrants. House and Sand martins joined the Swallows and Swifts hawking insects over the reedbed. The hide overlooking the pool was empty and dark. On raising the flaps we saw that the only birds in sight were:
a pair of Mute Swans

two Sacred Ibis. Escapes? No leg rings. Thrigby? Or from the Continent?
They were as far away from the hide as possible, we were patient, they suddenly flew towards us and over the top of the hide. Oh. A look to the left and there they were, as near as one could have wished for, feeding avidly. camera delight.

Neither was the Osprey viewable at its fishing pool haunt, despite a good search. A lovely morning which we thoroughly enjoyed. We were home before the ......RAIN.

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  1. Look carefully at the left leg on the right hand Ibis and you will see a narrow, purple leg ring.