Saturday, 26 July 2014

Early Morning from Daukes

Friday July 25

Awake early with the prospect of another scorcher, we did the essential chores - watering the toms and cues for me - and drove to Cley. We had Daukes Hide to ourselves, lovely. I hadn't catered for the blinding morning light there, especially when trying to view Pat's Pool. Again many Lapwing with a better variety of waders including Wood and Green Sandpipers. A lone Little Ringed Plover, five Dunlin skittere through and.....everything rose into the air and fled to North Pool, along with the waders on Pat's. Why? 
Not a raptor, a human bird scarer. Bernard the warden had driven his vehicle onto a bank near Pat's hide and was walking in front of the hide. Holding a metal bar, he was probably adjusting the water level, which was just about perfect for waders already.
Time for retreat and breakfast on beach car park  before driving home.

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