Friday, 13 February 2015

Not enough Sun

Friday February 13

Unsure of whether to visit Titchwell or Sculthorpe to-day, getting up to weak sunshine sent us to the Goshawk site in the Brecks. We spent a very pleasant couple of hours gazing at a line of mixed conifer and deciduous woodland, across sizeable arable fields. Much clearer viewing than at Olley's Farm was a bonus.
Hundreds of Wood Pigeons and Rooks rose in clouds whenever any of the four Buzzards rose into the air, very distracting and a nuisance. Four adult female Red Deer galloping across the field had the same effect. 
Seeing all four Buzzards in the air at once, circling and occasionally displaying, was a bonus much appreciated. Eventually we had a short view of a Goshawk followed by a longer flight across the treeline, but none of the anticipated display. The sunny day had deteriorated into cloud cover with occasional sun. I wouldn't have felt like displaying either. There's always another visit....

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